- What is iZoomIn?

  iZoomIn is a social network platform centered around and connecting people through video profiles. iZoomIn allows you to present and promote who you are, work or project in a new and effective manner. This comprehensive app includes all the necessary features to better reach your audience, and connects you to the right people within a global community.

- How do I create a new video?

Tap the + button sign on the top right corner and follow the different steps. Except for the photo and video title everything else is optional. You will have the choice between a video and a voice-only recording, and can have as many tries as you want before saving the video.

- What is the translation option?

The translation option when selected allows for the script to be translated in any choice of several languages in a text-to-speech output

- How long does it take to upload a new video?

It only take a few seconds depending on your bandwidth, and the duration of the video

- How can I edit or delete a video?

    In the My Media section swipe left a video profile to display those options, or click on the three doted buttons when you open one of your videos

- How many videos profiles can I upload?

There are no limitations on how many videos profiles you can upload

- How much does it cost?

It is totally free of charge

- How do I edit my profile?

Tap the avatar button located at the bottom right corner then go to Edit Profile.

- How do I share my video?

You can share your video directly from the My Media section or once the video is open by clicking on the arrow pointed left button. A video can also be shared directly in person when opened by scanning the QR code.

- What is the difference between a private and a public video?

A private video will not show in the Search, Locator or Find Friends results. A private video can still be shared by the owner of that video

- What is the purpose of the Locator?

The locator which is limited to 0.5 miles is mainly intended to be used to list the people present at a particular event.

- What can I put in the Into-captions?

It should normally be relevant information pertaining to who you are or what you are presenting such as: Title, position, name of company, location of company, profession, organization, experience etc

- What happens when I block a user?  How do I unblock him?

When you block a user, none of you will be able to access each other videos, and any previously starred videos of the other or conversations between both will be deleted. You can unblock a user by accessing the account section in settings from your profile and opening the blocked user section.

- What is the web version of iZoomIn?

iZoomIn is an Ios app only, and a video can only be created from the app once downloaded from the Apple Store. The web version allows for the viewing only and sharing of iZoomIn videos for those who do not have the app or use an android device. The web version is a lite version of the app and is limited when it comes to certain functionalities.

- How do I report an issue?

You may report an issue and contact us at contact@izoomin.me